FlexyKey – the modern key

FlexyKey makes it possible to open doors, gates, traffic barriers, control lights or heaters with your mobile phone.
FlexyKey is a wireless lock system that uses GSM technology.

FlexyKey-med-ram-o-text With FlexyKey and a mobile phone you can easily open and get alarms from doors, gates or traffic barriers.
You dont have to handle keys or keycards. No more complicated codes.
Furthermore you can act from a distance which is both flexible and saves time.
By adding a speed dial number in your phone you can, regardless of your location, easily unlock your home door or office gate.
Only authorized users can control FlexyKey, administration is done via Web.


webappram2 With the web-application FlexyWeb you can easily administer all your FlexyKey units.
The built-in calendar function makes it easy to send out time limited phone keys which is perfect for rental businesses or if you want to let the carpenter or plummer in your house for a limited period of time.
Log functions makes it possible to have full control over who opened and when. You can also see current status of FlexyKeys outputs and inputs.
appram The web-application FlexyWeb includes a mobile-app that makes it easy and quick to check or control.