Digital access control system for schools

Några byggnader som ser ut att höra hemma på ett amerikanskt campus: Rött tegel, kolonner i antik stil. En ståtlig skola som säkert har ett bra passersystem.

Today's digital access systems for schools must meet high standards of accessibility and flexibility. Many students and employees pass through the premises, where people need individual access to certain parts of the building during specific times. In addition, the school must be able to be evacuated quickly in the event of a fire hazard. FlexyKey is the ideal choice for a reliable digital access system!

Discover our digital solutions that provide the highest level of protection for schools 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contact us for a free quote.

Advantages of FlexyKey:

  • Giving the right person access to the right door at the right time.
  • Opening doors via mobile phone, tag or code.
  • Connect a fire and moisture detector.
  • Works with almost all types of electric locks as well as door leaf readers, GEO cylinders and wireless padlocks.


A school access control system with impressive scalability

Control your school's gates, doors and barriers digitally via FlexyKeyGate. Combine with FlexyBooking for a simple booking system, such as a sports hall. Or why not the payment system FlexyPay for the school's café area? Whatever your needs, we will find an optimal long-term solution for your business.

You control FlexyKey in our online tool, where you can save automatic opening and locking times in a weekly calendar. You can also block users during specific times. Connection is via 4G/GSM, Wi-Fi or just the 4G/GSM network. Modern, impressively flexible and 100 % secure.


University or secondary school? Whatever the case, we will help you find the best passage solution.

Classrooms, libraries and labs should be highly accessible to students, while protecting the school's public areas from unauthorized access. Our different FlexyKey products can be combined to provide a strong, reliable and intuitive access system that everyone can use.

With FlexAccess you get

  • Swedish production.
  • High-performance and flexible mobile platforms.
  • Powerful solutions that do not require local internet.
  • Fast support.


Welcome to the future!