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Combine our different services and manage everything in one place. What do you need?

What is included in FlexyCombination?



With our main service FlexyKey you unlock with your mobile phone instead of a key. You have control over who can open which doors and at what times.



Booking a venue or service has never been easier. With FlexyBooking your customers can book themselves and the system allows them to unlock with their mobile - no keys to pass on.



Charge without cash and staff! With FlexyPay your customers can easily find the right service and amount and pay via trusted banking services. We offer frequent payments for added convenience.

FlexyCombination allows you to combine different services from FlexAccess. You can easily manage them in one place in our web application and monitor the activity on your premises.


Doors of course ...

Are you already using FlexyKey? This is the main product for many of our customers. But having the app or knowing where to call is not enough: you decide who - which phone numbers - can unlock which doors, and at what times. Never again do you have to pass on extra keys or worry about codes being on the move. For barriers and gates that have to withstand harsh conditions, there are FlexyKeyGate.


... but also bookings ...

Something else that saves time and effort is FlexyBooking - our booking system where your visitors or customers can book meeting rooms, the laundry, the solarium or other resources themselves. You can install a touch screen or let them use their mobile to make the reservations.


... and payment!

If you are renting out premises or offering any service to be paid, it can be managed with FlexyCombination through FlexyPay. Customers scan a QR code or find the right service in the app and pay by Swish/card, without the need for you to have staff on site.

  • Manage all services in one place.
  • Provide access for occasional or regular visitors.
  • Keep track of doors, temperature, electricity consumption and more.
  • Always payment through reliable banking services.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to use and pay for all services?

No, you don't. You only pay for the services you need. For example, if you want FlexyBooking without payment, for example in the laundry room of a residential building, you do not have to FlexyPay. If you are happy with physical keys, you can do without them. FlexyKey.

How and where do I buy your products?

You can contact us directly or contact one of our retailers.

Tips from our experts


Jonny Arvola

We at FlexAccess are proud to offer a complete solution for digital access and keyless locks. FlexyKey works just as well in the home as in an office or factory, and is easily combined with FlexyPay and FlexyBooking for public premises.


Viktor Swenson

Until you get used to the idea, digital locks may seem insecure and unreliable, but in fact the opposite is true. Now you always know who unlocked where - and you can gate anyone you want!


Andreas Björk

We have made every effort to make the administration of your Flexy services as easy as possible! You'll have no problem keeping track of, scheduling and allocating access to your different premises.