Digital payment system for car washes

En vit muskelbil på väg ut ur en biltvätt. Den som sitter i verkar inte behöra tänka på grindstyrning eller betalsystem för nämnda biltvätt; allt ser ut att funka bra.

Our digital payment systems for car washes make life easier for customers and for you as an owner. FlexyPay can control virtually any car wash system and provides a fully automatic and time-efficient car wash. The customer pays by card or Swish, and if you want an integrated solution with digital gate control is FlexyKeyGate the perfect choice. Contact us for a free quote!

A high-performance payment system for unmanned car washes should work 24 hours a day and be intuitive and secure. With FlexAccess, your customers can pay themselves via a mobile app, eliminating the need for a physical office and saving you money.

Advantages of FlexyPay:

  • Easy to get started.
  • We manage operators and redemption agreements.
  • Ability to send your customers' phones with offers, news and more.
  • High security via the payment provider Stripe and 3D Secure.


We deliver a complete payment system tailored to your site.

Welcome to contact us we look at your needs. FlexAccess has solid expertise in delivering scalable and smart payment systems for car washes based on your specific conditions. To install FlexyPay payment system app is simple. The system is designed to work with other FlexyKey products and wireless solutions and can be combined with tag readers as well as codes.


Combine with FlexyKeyGate - durable car wash gate controller

Do you want to integrate FlexyPay with digital gate control for the car wash? Many facilities have an automatic door, gate or barrier to increase security at the point of entry for customers. FlexyKeyGate has been developed with a focus on gates, barriers and doors and is 100 % integrable with the FlexyPay. No need for codes and access cards; the customer can use their mobile phone to pay via the app and use their phone to open the barrier/gate and enter the car wash in peace.

FlexyKeyGate comes in an IP67-rated enclosure, which means that the product is tested for the highest possible protection against water, shock, dust and penetrating objects.


The FlexyPay car wash payment system gives you several options

  • Scanning with QR code.
  • Search function in the app.
  • Fast and free of charge support.
  • Internet and mobile network connection.


Flexaccess AB is licensed as a registered payment service provider by Finansinspektionen and the app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.


Get in touch with us and we'll tell you more about the future of payment solutions!