Digital payment system for solariums

Insidan av ett solarium. Vi får dock ingen ledtråd om vilket betalsystem som används när man går in.

Get full control of your solarium payment system and simplify your daily life. Manage your business remotely and let your customers use the solarium themselves. The digital solution FlexySun is easily connected to your existing system.

Welcome to the future of digital tanning! With FlexySun your customers can book an appointment, pay and open the solarium doors entirely from their mobile phone. Contact us and we will tell you more.

Advantages of FlexySun

  • Lowest monthly cost on the market
  • Customer database with info on number of tanning sessions, payments and tanning frequency
  • Remote control of entrance doors, sun times, prices, etc.
  • Free support
  • Free push notifications


A solar app with all the smart features you need

FlexySun solar app is perfect for all tanning facilities - big or small. The app is easily connected to your existing system, with or without a card machine and coin box or directly on your solarium.

Our complete package includes the solar app, entrance door control hardware and a total of four sunbeds. Additional solariums can be added for a one-time fee for additional equipment. Connection is via both wifi and the mobile network. If one does not exist or work, the system automatically selects the other.


Safety and high security with Mobile BankID, card and Swish

Payment is easy via Swish, bank card, coin or token. Bank card payments are processed via Stripe, the world's largest payment solutions provider, for your and your customers' security. I FlexyKey it is possible to access the tanning salon and solariums, even if your customer does not have Mobile BankID.


Get in touch if you are looking for a simple and powerful payment system for tanning salons!