Access control, door automation and payment systems for shops

Två män diskuterar möjligen passersystem och dörrautomatik, men antagligen klubbor, eftersom de befinner sig i en butik med golfutrustning.

A high-performance access control system and door automation for shops provides a pleasant first impression and makes entry easy. Our digital system FlexyKey ensures that your doors minimize heat loss, facilitate access for the disabled, and allow the right people to pass through the right door. And if you also want a payment system for your store, we can offer you FlexyPay. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a free quote!

In the retail industry, it's important to keep business moving so you don't get left behind. Fast and friendly service is essential, and with the FlexyKeys digital access control system you get a store with optimal conditions for a high level of security and service.

Advantages of the FlexyKey access system:

  • Control all types of access environments, such as doors, barriers and gates from our web tool.
  • Open with a mobile app, tag or code.
  • Can be combined with FlexyBooking, FlexySun and FlexyPay.


Door automation to make life easier for your customers and employees

Automatic door opening not only helps with heavy deliveries, but is also invaluable for people with disabilities and muscle weakness. With our digital door automation solutions for shops, you can make passage smoother at entrances, doors and gates. Plus, you won't have to deal with slamming doors!


Control access time for e.g. cleaning companies and craftsmen.

I FlexyKey's web tool, you can control access times to specific times, doors and people. This makes it easier for cleaning companies, craftsmen and other staff, for example. You can also connect presence, fire or moisture detectors, and control lights or other equipment. Smart, right?

FlexyKey works with almost all types of electric locks, wireless locks such as door leaf readers and GEO cylinders, and wireless padlocks. Installation is via 4G/GSM/Wi-fi, network cable or 4G/GSM network only.


Does your shop need a payment system?

But it's not just passageways and doors that can be automated. We can also offer a store payment system that makes it easy for your customers to pay for themselves by card or Swish even when no staff is present. The service is called FlexyPay and is as easy to administer as our others, and you manage them all from the same place. Bring your store into the future with a digital payment system.


Making future digital solutions available to the retail sector

FlexAccess is made up of enthusiasts who are passionate about technology that makes everyday life easier. With us you get:

  • Swedish production
  • High-performance and flexible mobile platforms
  • Rapid support
  • Powerful solutions that do not require local internet.


We solve your new access control system and automatic doors for shops. Welcome!