Digital access system for gyms

På ett gym står ett antal löpband i bredd. Bara ett är upptaget, av en snubbe som ser ut att springa riktigt snabbt.

Let the visitors' passage take care of itself. A constant flow of people in and out of the gym places high demands on security, so that your premises are not used by unauthorized persons. We deliver a modern, smart and digital access control system for your gym that works around the clock. Take full control from the start. Get in touch with us we will tailor a solution for you!

Large commercial training chain or small training facility? Either way, you can easily control access and blocking for specific users, doors and times. FlexyKey and FlexyBooking can be integrated to suit your needs perfectly. If you want to add a payment system via Swish or card, the FlexyPay an obvious choice for the gym!


Benefits of FlexyKey and FlexyBooking

  • provides a secure and user-friendly digital access system.
  • open with smartphone, tag or code
  • connection via 4G/GSM/Wi-fi or just the 4G/GSM network
  • can be expanded as the need arises.


Do you want a digital booking system for your gym?

With FlexyBooking you get a digital booking system for gyms where users can easily book training sessions or other appointments via a booking screen, tablet or smartphone.

With an almost unlimited number of users, the booking system becomes a valuable and natural part of everyday life. In the system, you as an administrator can manage specific settings for each user, including access, exceptions and overlapping times. We also offer screen solutions for on-site booking by gym members.


Allow gym-goers to pay easily by Swish or card

Would you like to be able to pay for things like exercise cards, clothes in the gym's shop corner or protein bars? FlexyPay is a payment system where you can easily pay via Swish or card. FlexyPay works with all FlexyKey products, it couldn't be easier.


FlexAccess - perfect digital access systems for gyms

We at FlexAccess are proud of our solutions in digital access systems for gyms. We are enthusiasts who are all united by a passion for modern solutions and for integrating the latest technology into everyday life in the best possible way. With FlexAccess you get:

  • secure and scalable mobile locking and access systems
  • Swedish production
  • powerful solutions that do not require the internet
  • rapid support