Digital access control and locking systems for industry

En industrilokal som inte avslöjar något direkt om verksamheten, eller om sitt låssystem.

The security of industrial locking systems comes first. Industrial facilities often have shift work, which means an intensive flow of people and products. Many doors and passages need to be controlled, so that the right people have access to the right areas. Our powerful security solutions FlexyKey and FlexyKeyGate are made for harsh industrial conditions and complex environments.

Med FlexyKey you get a flexible and mobile digital locking system for industry that does not require the internet or an internal network. With your smartphone, you can easily assign authorization, open and control all types of passage environments such as barriers and doors.


Digital access control systems for industry that can withstand moisture and dust

Get rid of keys and access cards! With FlexyKeyGate you get an industrial locking system that allows you to open and receive alarms from barriers, gates and doors - all remotely. FlexyKeyGate requires no cabinet mounting and comes in an IP 67-rated enclosure that can withstand water, dust, sand and dirt. Ideal for installations with high security and flexibility requirements. More benefits:

  • Temperature monitoring and alarm in case of too high or low temperature.
  • Can be integrated with the payment solution FlexyPay.
  • Verification via Mobile BankID.
  • Connection via 4G/GSM or by network cable/wi-fi.


FlexyKey - smart features that work with almost all types of digital locks

We have extensive knowledge of how to adapt security solutions to your needs. With FlexyKey you get a flexible digital locking and control system that works with almost all types of electric locks, as well as door leaf readers, wireless padlocks and GEO cylinders. The fact that the system can be integrated with various monitoring functions, such as fire alarms, and also measure energy consumption provides impressive scalability. Quite simply, a complete access control system for industry.


Get 100 % control of your facility's locking system with FlexyWeb

You manage authorizations quickly and easily via the web portal. FlexyWeb. Control access time to specific times, doors and people, and withdraw authorization just as quickly. More benefits of FlexyKey:

  • Possibility to combine with e.g. app, tag, card or code.
  • Made in Sweden.
  • Controls lighting and temperature.
  • Works on all passageways.


Welcome to contact us if you have questions about our locking/access systems for industry!