Our different access solutions

Access systems for doors and gates. booking of premises and services Payment. Which access solution is right for you?


Our original access solution. You decide who can unlock which doors and when with their phone. Measure electricity and water consumption, connect detectors, control lighting and much more.


Let your customers pay by mobile! App or QR code makes it easy to find the right service at car washes, tanning salons and other places you don't need to staff. A partnership with secure banking services.


The safest and cheapest way to remotely and time control entrance doors, tanning beds, tanning times and prices of unmanned tanning studios. Secure payments and 18-year check. Support included!


Booking different locations and services, from laundry to conference rooms, has never been easier. Set up a touchscreen or let visitors do everything on their phones. An access solution that is easy to integrate with other systems.


An extra durable version for outdoor use. Open barriers and gates from your phone. Also allows for alarms and temperature measurement.


FlexyCombination is our complete solution where you can easily combine our products. You can easily manage bookings, payments and access to doors in one place.

Find the right access solution

A digital access system makes it easier for those who need access to your premises, but above all, a complete access solution saves you time. You can easily set up who should be able to unlock which doors with their phone, and you can enter days and times or save schedules. And if you need more than just locks, you can manage bookings and payments from the same place.

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