En man som tycks titta ner i sin telefon. Antagligen för att boka något i FlexyBooking.


A versatile booking system

FlexyBooking is our in-house developed digital booking system that
works in almost any business. Easy to use
web-based - and even easier as an app.

What is included in FlexyBooking?



A digital booking system for everyone. Your customers or visitors can make their own bookings via the web, either from a mobile, computer, tablet or touchscreen.



FlexyBooking is useful in countless industries and businesses. Together we will find the perfect solution for you.



Our different solutions can be perfectly combined. With FlexyKey the person who has booked a room can unlock the door with their mobile phone, and with FlexyPay payment is easy and secure.

Who uses FlexyBooking?

Regardless of the type of business you run, a web-based booking system like FlexyBooking will save you both time and money.

  1. Hotels, camping and cottages
  2. Laundry room
  3. Sports facility and gym
  4. Co-working space


  1. Accommodation
  2. Conference room
  3. Boat harbour


Make it easy to book

Med FlexyKey and FlexyBooking, you can easily manage your association's or company's common areas such as laundry rooms, sports halls, gyms or conference rooms. FlexyKey is a digital web-based booking system that is as easy to use as any app. Visitors can book themselves via booking screens, the web, tablets or smartphones. The booking can be managed either by an administrator or directly by the individual user. FlexyBooking can also be integrated with other booking systems on the market.

With FlexyBooking you can have an unlimited number of users. It is easy to manage specific settings for passage, exceptions and overlapping times.


A screen for your digital booking system

We offer screen solutions for digital appointment booking on site for the user. If you want to make it even easier, you can place a screen outside the laundry room or fitness room.

Frequently asked questions

We have an 18-year age limit, how is this controlled?

In tanning salons and other places where this is needed, customers identify themselves with a mobile BankID. This keeps FlexyPay make sure that no one who is not of age can book and use the service.

Booking is one thing, but can visitors unlock the door with their mobile phones?

Yes! Together with our service FlexyKey the mobile phone becomes a key. You decide who can unlock where and when, and the system can do it automatically for those who have booked.

Tips from our experts


Jonny Arvola

We at FlexAccess are proud to offer a complete solution for digital access and keyless locks. FlexyKey works just as well in the home as in an office or factory, and is easily combined with FlexyPay and FlexyBooking for public premises.



Viktor Swenson

Until you get used to the idea, digital locks may seem unsafe and unreliable, but in fact it's the opposite. Now you always know who unlocked where - and you can gate anyone you want!



Andreas Björk

We have made every effort to make the administration of your Flexy services as easy as possible! You'll have no problem keeping track of, scheduling and allocating access to your different premises.