Insidan av ett stort solarium av typen man står i. Det framgår inte av bilden om man betalar med FlexySun för att använda det.


A tanning app for all tanning salons

FlexySun is the system where you take the lowest risk - with the lowest monthly cost! 18-year check at the door or upon payment. Remote and time control of entrance doors, solariums, tanning times and prices.

What is included in FlexySun?


For all tanning studios

Connection via both the internet and the mobile network. If one does not exist or work, the system automatically selects the other. Support is included when using FlexySun at no extra cost.



FlexySun is a system where you have a low stake and a low monthly cost! Payment by Swish, bank card, coin or token. Bank card payments are made via Stripe, which is one of the world's largest players for payment solutions.


User-friendly customer database

18-year check at the door or upon payment. The customer gets a tanning app and you get a user-friendly customer database with information on tanning sessions per solarium, payments, tanning frequency and much more.

Who uses FlexySun?

Do you run a business where you want your customers to be able to book appointments, open doors and pay without the need for you to be there? Not only tanning salons can save time and money with an app like FlexySun.

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A cost-effective solar app

FlexySun is a low-input system - and a low monthly cost!

Payment by Swish, bank card, coin or token. Bank card payments are made via Stripe, one of the world's largest payment solution providers. Card payments are carried out with 3d-secure technology to meet the new EU directives, increase security and enhance your safety.

Easy to get started as FlexAccess manages operators and redemption agreements. Payments are made every 7 days, so you don't have to wait for money. The transaction fee is low (normal bank fees apply to payments by bank cards and Swish).

It is also possible to easily send push notifications directly to your customers' phones - about offers, new pipes and more.


More benefits for sunbeds with FlexySun

18-year check at the door or upon payment. FlexySun is not only an app for your visitors, but also a user-friendly customer database with statistics and data about your customers and how they use your services. Very useful for developing your business.

The system allows remote control and time management of entrance doors, tanning beds, tanning times and prices. You can grant customer access to the tanning studio and tanning beds even if a customer does not have a Mobile Bank ID. Administration tools and real-time logs allow you to track users in case of vandalism, for example. Also management of adding and suspending users.

FlexySun in combination with FlexyKey also offers options for remote control of lighting, burglary, glass breakage, water damage and more.

Documents for all tanning studios



Frequently asked questions

What does FlexySun offer me as a solarium owner?

FlexySun offers a light and flexible app, first-class support and a high level of operational reliability with good overall economy. History of all events via the app and security via the fact that all customers need to verify themselves with bank ID. We are also approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

What is included in the FlexySun contract?

The contract includes hardware to get started, support and the ability to send out push notifications to your customers.
Payments are made on a weekly basis with a clear payment record that facilitates accounting.

Tips from our experts


Jonny Arvola

We at FlexAccess are proud to offer a complete solution for digital access and keyless locks. FlexyKey works just as well in the home as in an office or factory, and is easily combined with FlexyPay and FlexyBooking for public premises.


Viktor Swenson

Until you get used to the idea, digital locks may seem unsafe and unreliable, but in fact it's the opposite. Now you always know who unlocked where - and you can gate anyone you want!


Andreas Björk

We have done everything to make the administration of your Flexy services as easy as possible! You'll have no problem keeping track of, scheduling and allocating access to your different premises.