Digital access control system for offices

Ett sparsmakat och ganska ödsligt kontor med stora fönster och svarta möbler. Vi får inga ledtrådar om dess eventuella passersystem eller dörrautomatik.

Reliable digital access control systems for offices are an important prerequisite for secure operations. Not only for the safety of employees, but the system should ideally be able to manage conference room bookings, provide access to external visitors and protect valuable equipment. FlexyKey and FlexyBooking provides a simpler and more efficient everyday life - you get maximum security and a tailor-made overall solution that matches your needs!

Our digital access and booking solutions are easy to administer and create a safe and secure environment in your office. Via the app in your smartphone, you can control and open all types of passages and you can also control lighting and temperature - both smart and user-friendly!


Powerful integration of digital access control and booking systems for offices

Our scalable FlexyKey platform can be combined in almost any way to match your needs. With Flexykey and FlexyBooking you can open and control access to your company's premises - such as a gym or conference room - from your phone. If you want to supplement the booking system with on-site screens, we can arrange that.

More benefits of the Flexy systems:

  • Possibility to connect fire alarm and presence detector.
  • Measure the consumption of electricity, water or heat.
  • Works with almost all types of digital locks.


FlexyBooking - perfect digital booking system for conference rooms

Do you want a digital booking system for conference rooms to streamline your everyday life? With FlexyBooking room management is a breeze - assign permissions, exceptions and overlapping times to an almost unlimited number of users. Your customers or visitors can book on the go from their tablet, phone or via a booking screen.

Whatever the case, you can rest assured that we adapt the Flexy systems to perfectly fit your needs, your floor plan and your organizational structure.


Are you looking for automatic doors for offices?

Automatic door opening not only makes heavy deliveries easier, it is also essential for your accessibility. Disabilities are not always visible, so it is important to make passages accessible. With our digital door automation solutions for offices, you make it easier to pass entrances, doors and gates. In addition, the indoor temperature is preserved and you avoid damage because the door can't stand and swing.


One of the most flexible platforms for locking and access control systems on the market.

We at FlexAccess are proud of our solutions in digital access control systems for offices and business premises. We are enthusiasts who are all united by our passion for modern solutions and integrating the latest technology into everyday life in the best possible way. With FlexAccess you get:

  • Swedish production.
  • High-performance and flexible mobile platforms.
  • Powerful solutions that do not require the internet.
  • Fast support.


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