En kvinna låser upp och öppnar en dörr med sin mobil, via FlexyKey för dörrstyrning.



FlexyKey is a Swedish-made mobile control system for locks and access for private, public and industrial environments.

What is included in FlexyKey?


Open doors with your mobile phone

No more hassle with keys. Manage all door control with your phone. With FlexyKey you have all your keys together in your mobile.


Manage everything online. Simple.

Control all key management in the cloud. Manage all users and mobile keys remotely with our convenient online tool with high security.



Our solution supports existing locks. We integrate locks from the top manufacturers, giving our customers the freedom to choose the locking system that suits their needs.

Who uses FlexyKey?

Whatever your premises, managing door control with FlexyKey will save you both time and money.

  1. Industry
  2. Schools
  3. Hotels and hostels
  4. Car wash
  5. Sports facility/gym



  1. Office hotels and co-working spaces
  2. Unmanned shops and warehouses
  3. Port
  4. Solarium
  5. Landlord and housing association



How FlexyKey works


You manage FlexyKey and all aspects of door control through our web tool. FlexyKey includes a weekly calendar where you can schedule automatic opening and locking times and block access during specific time intervals. When installing FlexyKey, it is possible to connect via either 4G or Wi-Fi.

FlexyKey offers a broader functionality than just door control. You can also monitor and control your premises and measure electricity, water and heating consumption. In addition, you can integrate presence, fire and moisture detectors and control lighting and other appliances. FlexyKey is compatible with almost all types of electronic and wireless locks, including door leaf readers, GEO cylinders and wireless padlocks.



Adding and removing users from the system is a quick and easy process, and the administration can smoothly handle additions or deletions of phone numbers. The ability to control access time to specific times, doors and people is very helpful for different professional groups such as cleaning companies, craftsmen and temporary staff.

Only authorized users can control the device, which is administered through our web-based platform, FlexyWeb. FlexyWeb makes it easy to program and administer your FlexyKey solution. With the web-based application, you get access to additional practical features such as automatic log management and booking calendar. You have full visibility and control through a real-time log, which means you always have an overview of who opened which door and when.


Protected with the highest security

When dealing with doors and locks, it is of utmost importance to prioritize security. Our customer base, which includes airports and schools, is proof of our dedication to ensuring security. Likewise, our innovation partnership with MSB - The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. We take care of security so you can focus on other things.

Frequently asked questions

I have just powered up my FlexyKey for the first time and all the LEDs in the device are behaving like "running lights". Why?

When the LEDs flash in this way, it means that the FlexyKey has not yet been programmed with its own phone number. As soon as the device has been registered and programmed from the web application, this stops. When the device is in normal mode, a green LED flashes every 4 seconds.

My FlexyKey is constantly flashing a red LED. Why?

This indicates an error. Check that you have removed the PIN code check on the SIM card. It may also mean that the device is not connecting to the mobile network - so check the antenna and location. Check reception by loosening the cover of the device with a small chisel, then press the button at the bottom. If all 4 LEDs light up, you have full reception.

Which power source can I connect to the FlexyKey?

FlexyKey supply voltage can be from 10 VDC up to a maximum of 30 VDC. The voltage source should be of good quality, filtered and stabilized for best results. It should be able to deliver at least 0.5 A. Power consumption depends on the equipment connected and its location. No voltage should be connected to the inputs, but they are intended for potential-free contacts such as switches, relays, etc. The 2 outputs are switching relays - maximum load 24V AC/DC, 0.25 A. When connecting a contactor, the maximum switching power is 60 VA.

I have purchased a copy of this product. What is the next step?

Click here here then click on "Register" and fill in your details. Once logged in, fill in the basic information, the time the door should be opened and the phone numbers that should have access. Click on "Save" and then "Send". Done!

How do I do a full reset of FlexyKey?

To fully reset the FlexyKey to factory settings: In de-energized mode, loosen the cover with a small chisel, then press the button on the circuit board, apply power so that all LEDs flash. Keep the button pressed for 5 seconds. When only the red LED flashes, you can release the button.

The web page is stuck in "waiting mode", the status screen rotates continuously.

This means that the web server is not receiving a response from the FlexyKey device and this can be due to several reasons:

  1. Check that there is money on the card if it is a refill card. Check that the device is online (version 7 and above), wait a few minutes and see if it comes online. Is the device powered up? Do the diodes light up as they should?
  2. Check antenna conditions.
  3. If the device is an older version (version 6 or older), check the following: Check the "Max SMS per day" setting under "Settings" -> "Basic settings". If the limit is exceeded, the device stops responding, this is due to a security block. Try to change the limit to a higher value, save and send. This problem is common on devices with a version lower than 6.06 and where the user tries to send many settings, for example a whole list of phone numbers. Typically, it works well at first, but the programming process stops after a number of SMS. A timeout is activated after about 25 minutes in the web2 interface, but it is possible to click "Cancel" and restart the transmission. The application keeps track of which packets are acknowledged.

What are the different ways to unlock doors with FlexyKey locks?

You can use a mobile app, SMS, card or RFID tag. Choose and combine as you wish.

Tips from our experts


Jonny Arvola

We at FlexAccess are proud to offer a complete solution for digital access and keyless locks. FlexyKey works just as well in the home as in an office or factory and is easily combined with FlexyPay and FlexyBooking for public premises.



Viktor Swenson

Until you get used to the idea, digital locks may seem unsafe and unreliable, but in fact it's the opposite. Now you always know who unlocked where - and you can gate anyone you want.



Andreas Björk

We have made every effort to make the administration of your Flexy services as simple as possible! You'll have no problem keeping track of, scheduling and allocating access to your different premises.