En ung man som tvättar sin stora svarta bil. Kanske har han betalat för tvätten via FlexyPay.


A safe payment app

FlexyPay is a payment system where you can easily pay for your product or service via Swish or card. A mobile payment solution, perfect for charging stations, car washes, toilets, gyms, rental objects and much more.

What is included in FlexyPay?


Different payment solutions

Scanning with QR code or search function in the app makes it easy to find. FlexyPay works seamlessly with all our products in combination with tag readers, cards, tags or codes.



FlexyPay is a low-risk system with a low monthly cost! Your customers can pay with trusted banking services such as Swish, bank cards, coins or tokens.



You get a user-friendly customer database with information on the number of payments and much more. The system allows remote control and time management of, among other things, entrance doors.

Who uses FlexyPay?

FlexyPay is a payment app and a mobile payment solution for businesses of all types.

  1. vending machine
  2. Passage
  3. Office hotels and co-working spaces
  4. Car wash
  5. Sports facility/gym
  6. Charging points


  1. Office and warehouse hotels
  2. Unmanned shop
  3. Solarium
  4. Laundry room
  5. Port


How FlexyPay works

FlexyPay enables various forms of fixed and mobile payment solutions for businesses. With features such as scanning with QR code or search function in the app, it becomes smooth and easy to use.

FlexyPay is compatible with all FlexAccess products, whether wireless or wired, and can be used with tag readers, cards, tags or codes. The connection can be made both via the internet and the mobile network. If one option is not available or does not work, the system automatically selects the other. Installation is easy and detailed instructions are available, as well as our support!

Support is included at no extra cost.


Getting started with your new payment system

  • Download FlexyPay in the App Store or Google Play.
  • Register and verify with Mobile Bank ID.
  • Select the desired facility via FlexyPay or scan any QR code.
  • Scroll down and press the button to open the relevant door.
  • Select the desired item and quantity, time or amount.
  • Now you can use the product or service you want!

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Swish och Stripes logotyper. Båda tjänsterna finns tillgängliga för FlexyPay.


FlexyPay is a low-risk system with low monthly costs!

Payment by Swish, bank card, coin or token. Bank card payments are made via Stripe, one of the world's largest payment solution providers. Card payments are carried out with 3d-secure to meet the new EU directives, improve security and increase your safety.

Getting started is easy as FlexAccess manages operators and acquiring agreements. Payments are made every 7 days, so you don't have to wait for your money, and the transaction fee is low (normal bank fees apply to debit card and Swish payments).

It is also possible to easily send push notifications directly to your customers' phones about offers, news and more.

Additional benefits of FlexyKey

In addition to a payment app, you also get access to a user-friendly customer database with information on the number of visits, payments and more.

The system allows remote and time control of entrance doors and the like. Administration tools and real-time logging make it possible to track users in case of vandalism or other disturbances. It is easy to add and deactivate users.

FlexyPay, in combination with FlexyKey, allows you to remotely control lighting, ventilation and even alarms in case of burglary, broken windows, water damage and the like.

Frequently asked questions

Do customers need a special app to pay?

No, except that they need the Swish app for that payment solution. You can refer them to our app where it's easy to find the right place, service and amount, but also give them a web address or QR code so that they do the whole thing online.

We have an 18-year age limit, how is this controlled?

In solariums and other places where it is needed, the customer identifies himself with a mobile BankID. FlexyPay keeps track of this so that no one who is not of age can book or use the service.

Tips from our experts


Jonny Arvola

We at FlexAccess are proud to offer a complete solution for digital access and keyless locks. FlexyKey works just as well in the home as in an office or factory, and is easily combined with FlexyPay and FlexyBooking for public premises.



Viktor Swenson

Until you get used to the idea, digital locks may seem insecure and unreliable, but in fact it's the opposite. Now you always know who unlocked where - and you can gate anyone you want.



Andreas Björk

We have made every effort to make the administration of your Flexy services as easy as possible! You'll have no problem keeping track of, scheduling and allocating access to your different premises.