Digital payment and booking system for laundry facilities

Någon håller precis på att hälla i tvättmedel i en maskin i tvättstugan. Det kan hen göra tack vare ett digitalt bokningssystem för tvättstugebokning.

Don't miss FlexyBooking, a smart digital booking system for the laundry room. With a FlexAccess booking board in the building, you get fair use without hassle. Book from the screen, tablet or your smartphone and integrate the system with the sauna, overnight apartment or association premises. Surprisingly easy and efficient!

Combine FlexyKey and FlexyBooking for an unbeatable solution in the association's laundry room. No more lost keys, codes or unauthorized people taking over booked laundry times. With our solutions you save time and make everyday life easier.


Digital laundry room booking system - for your housing association or company

Orderliness is required when many people share the same space. With FlexyBooking digital booking system for laundry room, users do not have to run to the laundry room every time they want to book an appointment. You administer, assign authorization and manage passage and overlapping times smoothly from an app on your phone or computer. We can also provide clear and attractive booking screens to be placed in a suitable location in the building.


Complete the laundry room booking with a secure access control system

Do you want a secure laundry room booking without unauthorized access? With FlexyKey you get a powerful but flexible access control system that prevents vandalism and theft. It creates greater security for residents and provides efficient entry and exit. If you want full control, you can also connect a fire detector and control lights, as well as measure electricity, water and heat.


Does your laundry room need a payment system too?

Of course services such as FlexyKey and FexyBooking can also be combined with our payment system. FlexyPay, which works just as well in a laundry room as elsewhere. Paying for laundry can be relevant in, for example, rental cottages and marinas or on campsites. Visitors pay easily and securely by card or Swish. The administration of the payment system for your laundry is as simple as that of the access or booking system and is managed from the same place.


All administration is made easy in FlexyWeb:

  • Control access time to specific times and doors. Makes it easier for cleaning companies and craftsmen.
  • See who has passed at what time with automatic log management.
  • Combine with FlexyPay - a payment system for a sauna or an overnight apartment, for example.


Do you have questions about FlexyBooking digital booking system for laundry room? Welcome to contact us!