Prolympia - sports schools

En av FlexAccess kunder Prolympias skolor. En stor grön byggnad. Några elever utanför entrén.

Prolympia is Sweden's leading sports school at primary school level, and we operate from Gothenburg in the south to Umeå in the north. Here we have constant activity, and the school is filled with energetic students who use the classrooms and sports hall from morning to evening. The sports hall is also used by external users who have the opportunity to rent it for various activities and here we have chosen FlexyKey as a solution for those who need access.

Everyone wins

Being able to set up a calendar for weeks and weekends makes everything incredibly easy for all parties and minimizes administration. With this solution, the school does not have to keep track of keys that are lent out and must be returned. Here you simply have a solution that is very convenient for users as the only thing they need to get access is their own phone. In addition, we do not have to set aside time to go and pick up and return keys, which makes both the tenant and the landlord a winner, both inside and outside the sports hall itself.


Mikael Nordlund,