Lilium Properties

Lilium Fastigheter has been using digital locking systems from FlexAccess for ten years. For them, FlexyKey, the mobile locking system, has many different uses. It simplifies everyday life and gives all tenants easier access to different premises and buildings.

Lilium is a family-owned real estate company with properties across Sweden and Norway. Their main areas are offices, shops, industries and housing in growth regions. Lilium offers customized workplaces and comfortable rental homes where well-being and growth are the focus.

At present, Lilium uses FlexyKey as a locking system for a sports hall, several large garages and some gates in industrial areas. With the FlexAccess mobile access system, all tenants can easily open entrance doors, gates and garages at the touch of a button on their mobile phone. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Above all, it is very smooth, especially for easy access to the garages. It runs smoothly and works well.

Convenient for all tenants

The use of digital locking systems in different facilities helps in many ways. For one thing, tenants don't have to keep track of codes and keys, while Lilium itself saves time and money by not having to replace locks or keys that malfunction or are lost.

"Those who live in the properties also find it convenient. We have quite a few spaces in the garages, so it's really a good thing," says Peter Näslund, technical manager at Lilium Fastigheter. According to him, during these ten years, the system has worked and flowed just as it should.


Ease of administration

As the person responsible for the door control, you handle all administration in FlexAccess' own web tool. There you can easily save automatic locking and opening times, if, for example, you want to limit tenants to have access to the laundry room only during the day.

Peter explains: "All we have to do is the administration. When new tenants arrive, we just add them to the system. We add their number, and then they just walk in." Visitors can be quickly added or deleted from the system when they move out.

The FlexAccess quick features allow both hosts and guests to use, manage and maintain the services with ease. Everyone involved is happy, saves time and has less things to keep track of. Simply put, FlexyKey is a win-win for both parties.


How did the cooperation start?

Initially, Lilium only used FlexyKey at two of its sites to see how it worked, but there was no question about it. Lilium was satisfied, and so were the tenants. So they decided to extend its use to other doors, gates and entrance doors. Since then, it has worked without any major problems. If there is ever a technical problem, FlexAccess is always there to help and fix it quickly.


The future

Lilium has benefited greatly from FlexyKey for ten years. The service has simplified everyday life through easy access and maintenance of locks for garages, gates and other premises. According to Peter himself, there are significant opportunities to expand the services. At present, they only use FlexyKey and FlexykeyGate - so there are other smart options to try.

Another convenient service, especially for business customers, is FlexyBooking. It is a service that can be combined with FlexyKey to control reservation systems for common areas, such as laundry rooms, sports halls and office spaces. With FlexyCombination you can manage all your services in one place for easy and convenient access.


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